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Western Signs & Line Painting is Ottawa's premier parking lot line striping and sign company! We have over 35 years of business experience and apply it to everything we do at Western Signs & Line Painting. Through the creation of an unforgettable and aggressive brand, proven systems and a commitment to customer satisfaction. We have successfully raised the bar in the industry! We strive to think "Outside the Lines" and pride ourselves on our ability to solve our client's challenges. Our work has displayed unsurpassed quality, professionalism and accountability throughout Eastern Ontario. We aim to continue this trend and it is our sincere hope to show you the Western Sign & Line Painting Advantage.

What sets us apart:

Professional staff that are dedicated to providing quality work. A long track record of completed projects and happy clients across Eastern Ontario. Reliable, quality solutions for businesses, municipalities, as well as residential complexes. State of the art technology and equipment that guarantees quality while meeting deadlines. Honest and transparent relationships.

Our philosophy is to solve problems; If it needs painting or signs. We will handle it, whether it is one bay at a shopping centre, a large municipal road, or an airport. If you are looking for a reliable, elegant solution to your painting and signage needs. Contact us now for a free assessment or quote.

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Western Signs & Line Painting Ltd.
5779 Russell Rd.
Ottawa, Ontario
K0A 1K0

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