Welcome to Western Signs & Line Painting

Western Signs & Line Painting is Ottawa's premier parking lot line striping and sign company!

We have over 35 years of business experience across many industries and applied it to the formation of Western Signs & Line Painting.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our workmanship, attention to detail, paint materials used and courteous, professional staff, are covered by WCB and have liability insurance.


} Road-marking

} Roadway Delineators

} Speed-bump installations

} Traffic sign installations

} Factory/warehouse markings

} Parking bay marking

Work Environment

In order to minimize the impact on traffic, we are able to assist you with road painting services after hours or over weekends. Additionally, if required, we can repaint lines between parked cars with no danger of causing damage.

Before we start any road painting project, you will receive the cell phone number of the supervisor in charge, as well as the general manager. They can be contacted 24/7 and will assist you with any issues that may arise. 35 years experience in the industry means we can take customer service to a whole new level for you.


All our equipment are built to withstand the rigors of local conditions. All our road markings are sprayed on using airless pump systems. Our paint pumping systems are serviced regulary, with spares and service back-up.

Our equipment varies from small hand-pushed carts to large multi pump gun rigs mounted on 4 ton plus trucks that can paint multiple lines in 2 different colours in one pass. All of our equipment is operated by our professional trained staff that are dedicated to providing quality work.

Contact Information

Western Signs & Line Painting Ltd.
5779 Russell Rd.
Ottawa, Ontario
K0A 1K0

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